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Planning Love❤ My favorite Dutch stores

Hi there! today I will share with you my favorite dutch stores. I just have some stores where i buy my planning stuff, like washi tapes. So Iff you are a dutchies or you are visiting Holland, than you must read more!

Planning Love❤ week 22-25

Hola Chicas , Today I want to show you my agenda . As you know , I have a taste at all and it is one of the newest activities. Look nice to see my creations! ;)

Baking love❤

A few days ago it was my birthday, and yes i'm 23 years old. I feel me very old now hihi. So this year I decide to make my own birthday cake. And maybe you don't know it, but I'm a huge fan of everything with tigers.  

Planning Love❤ Meet my new love

Time to introduce you a new category.. I just have a new addition and it calls... Planning! I love to planning, and my planner looks so cool now! So every week I will show you my week in my planner.

And next week the first post come online!
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