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Planning Love❤ My favorite Dutch stores

Hi there! today I will share with you my favorite dutch stores. I just have some stores where i buy my planning stuff, like washi tapes. So Iff you are a dutchies or you are visiting Holland, than you must read more!


You can find this store nearly in every corner of the city. This shop has really amazing sticky notes and washi tapes. I like it!


This is a very budget store, they have amazing craft paper and stickers. Also they have washi tapes.

Big Bazar

This is also a budget store, they have cute washi tapes. But more items they didn't have. Anyway I like this store too!

So that was my 3 favorite planning, crafting items stores in Holland. Hopefully you like this article, so share it or save the 3 names of the stores. I see you very soon!

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